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Vis a vis the apartement 

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The same day, a little further, there is more space

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The Penas de Haya and the Jaizquibel mountains are the first pyrenees mountains.



With 500 meters, towards the east, begins the Abadia field. The National Academy of Litoral is the owner and garantees the natural safeguarding of the exceptional space. Guided tours of the castel are possible. The park is opened with public and one can discover splendid wild creeks, like that of Loya (216Ko Adsl better)


At the other end of the beach, crossing the Bidassoa river, the town of Fontarrabie, offers a typical vision with the fortified town. 

Very good environnement on the evening.


Recommanded visits in the surroundings :


2 Kms :   FONTARRABIE.   

The fortified town, the port. Use the shuttle to cross the Bidassoa.


3 Kms :   BIRIATOU.   

Small village at the edge of Bidassoa. Easy escursions on the first Pyrenees mountains.


10 Kms :   SOCOA.   

The fort and the port built by Vauban.


12 Kms :   SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ.   

The bay, the port, two splendid sites.


20 Kms :   SAN SEBASTIAN.   

Capital of Gipuzkoa province.


30 Kms :   BIARRITZ et BAYONNE.   

Two towns of characters.



The charm of interior Basque-Country.